Quality Assurance & Testing

We at ISSIT have QA pass the application Lilpunim.com.

About: It is an online community for the review and feedbacks of the product for kids and their parents. It is to help the global community of parents; parents who want only the best products and services for their children. The QA comprise of testing all the functionalities of posting reviews feedbacks, creating products and point calculation for a user profile based on posting reviews, products and marking them as helpful.

We at ISSIT have QA pass the application Swellhead.net.

About: It is an online ecommerce bookstore where in a user can be a potential buyer and seller both. The student can register into the application and can make books available for sale and rent both. Also, the user can purchase and rent out any of the available books as per the ISBN. The functionalities include sale, rent, shipping and posting feedbacks for any of the transaction or user accounts. At Swellhead, what you give is as important as what you get. Aiding other students by contributing smart, well-written content – along with curating the best content – all count toward building an online reputation you’ll be proud to share with professors and future employers

We at ISSIT have QA pass the application Shoutfactory.com.

About: It is an online ecommerce site for all the music freaks to purchase a wide variety of Audio and video products. The functionality includes the cart feature, payment gateways, shipping product feature, blogging and community section where in user can purchase product, blog, create communities, post reviews on products and rate each of the purchased product. Finally, as you can see, we’ve put together a completely new and different website. This is the beginning of what we think is a bright future for us in the digital world. We’re starting with our website and working on a number of strategies to translate our skills (as non-digital as they may be) into the digital world.